Total Gab is an entertainment site that will feature interviews, reviews, photos, contests and much more. The site was formely TYCP Magazine and will be doing a major revamp. If you're interested in working with us, please take a look around to see if you find a job you like.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the age requirements?
You must be between 28 to 35-years old to apply.

How experienced do you need to be?
You must have 1+ years of experience regardless of the position you apply for.

What about spelling and grammar?
We require that your spelling and grammar be impeccable. Typos are bound to happen, but your spelling and grammar must be top-notch most of the time.

If I become an Interviewer, can I interview anyone I want?
If there is someone you want to interview, all you have to do is clear it with me first. There are no restrictions on who you can interview, as we want to be as diverse as possible.

Please make sure to fill out each field correctly. Incomplete information will automatically be discarded. Keep in mind that you must be willing to travel around if you are interested in becoming an interviewer, photographer or videographer.

Connections are a HUGE plus!

Please remember that this is strictly voluntary, therefore, you do not get paid. However, this will definitely change in the near future.

Job Function
Writing/Editorial/Comm. (3)
TV/Film/Video (1)
Other (1)
Experience Level
Senior Level (0)
Mid Level (0)
Entry Level (5)
Internship (0)
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